Samsung Will Pay Galaxy S4 Owners $10 Over False Benchmarks

Samsung Will Pay Galaxy S4 Owners $10 Over False Benchmarks

Back in 2013, Samsung released the Galaxy S4. As well as the hardware performed, it looks like Samsung might have lied about its benchmarks.

Originally, the company reported the benchmarks for the Galaxy S4 to be 532Mhz. Even if you were to run benchmark software, you would also get the same results.

However, this didn’t mean it was true – It looks like Samsung added code which boosted the clock speed when benchmark software was detected. The true speed of the S4 was 480Mhz, and Samsung was using this method to hide that.

It’s now 2019, and the company might have to pay for this. According to 9To5Google, a class-action lawsuit has been settled for $13.4 million. In this lawsuit, the company will be paying $10 to previous owners of the Galaxy S4.

We don’t know exactly how people can apply yet, but we will update you when we hear more.



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