Site Isolation Is Now On Google Chrome For Android

Site Isolation Is Now On Google Chrome For Android

Site Isolation was recently added to the Google Chome Android app, which will act as an extra level of security for people who are making payments online.

The feature was always available on the desktop but wasn’t on Android until now. This is because it uses a lot of resources, which can slow down your experience. However, it can help protect your data.

It’s also going to have the same problem on Android – According to Google, Site Isolation will consume 3-5% more memory. However, Google is combating this by only allowing the feature to work on websites that require passwords.

So, what is Site Isolation? The feature puts certain websites in a different process, which can prevent other tabbed websites from mining your information. For it to work, you must have an Android device with at least 2GB of RAM.

Even though this feature can consume a bit more resources, it’s a great step in protecting user data. It’s now almost 2020, and user data is still not safe. You would think with all the great technology we have, that security wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, that’s just not the case at all – We are constantly reporting new data leaks and security issues.

Source: Android Authority
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