Smartwatches: Which Ones Are Our Favorites


Even after years of them being on the market, you would think we would have more options for smartwatches. However, we really don’t. Most of the watches on the market are either overpriced or just look weird on your wrist.

Below we have highlighted our favorite smartwatches throughout the years.

Our Absolute Favorite: Samsung Gear S3

This device is an absolute beast. Not only do you get all the basic smartwatch features, but you can also make calls on your wrist. What really sets this one apart from the others is it’s actual design – It actually looks like a watch. While other companies go crazy and make smartwatches square, Samsung understands that watches are meant to be round.

Other features on this one include a 4G option, built-in GPS, Samsung Pay, and a long-lasting battery.

Another Decent Option: Fitbit Versa

For the longest time, Fitbit was only making Fitness Trackers. When the Versa was released, it became the best of both worlds. It came with all the basic fitness features, along with being a fully-featured smartwatch. The newest version of the Versa comes with Amazon Alexa, notifications, and built-in storage for music. You have to use Bluetooth headphones, but it’s still neat. The only drawback here is it doesn’t have a speaker for calls.

Outdated, But Still Good: Moto 360

When smartwatches were first introduced, the Moto 360 wasn’t a bad option – Even now, we still recommend the device. You get all the basic features such as notifications and fitness tracking, and even a built-in GPS. What set’s this one apart is it uses Android Wear, which means you can upgrade your experience with 3rd-party applications.


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