Some Facebook Accounts Were Removed For Using Fake Photos


It looks like Facebook is doing more to clean up its website. On Friday, they announced they shut down hundreds of facebook accounts and pages that were misleading users.

According to the company, the accounts were using artificially-generated profile pictures. This consisted of 39 Facebook accounts, 334 pages, 13 groups, and 22 Instagram accounts. The pages were posing as news organizations and impersonated political parties, public figures, and medial entities.

To understand how big this is, Facebook has released some interesting statistics. In a blog post, they said that about 442,300 accounts followed at least one of the pages. Alongside that, 52,000 accounts joined at least one of the deleted groups. In addition, around 2,100 people followed one or more of the Instagram accounts.

Even after that, Facebook also found an additional 610 accounts, 89 facebook pages, 165 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts that originated in Vietnam and the United States. This activity primarily centered around The BL, which is a US-based media company.

Although the people were trying to conceal themselves, the Facebook investigation linked the activity to Panda – which is an advertising agency in Georgia. The accounts and pages themselves originated from Vietnam, as well as the country of Georgia.

Hopefully, they can make changes to avoid this problem in the future.

Source: CNET
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