Text Messages Sent on Valentine’s Day Are Appearing on Phones

text messages

If you thought your day was awkward, think of the people who were a part of this. Apparently, a bunch of text messages that were sent on Valentine’s Day finally appeared on phones last night.

While delayed-messages have happened before, these messages were sent all the way back in February – That’s 9 months behind us.

The delayed text-messages weren’t exclusive to any carrier. Customers across all major carriers have received some messages.¬†While most carriers haven’t addressed the issue, Sprint has confirmed they fixed in the issue, in a response to a customer complaint on twitter. At the same time, the problem seems to have happened across both Android and iOS devices.

I can see this problem to be super awkward. Just imagine getting a message from your ex, which was supposed to be sent when you two are together. It wouldn’t go well.

On Twitter, multiple people have come forward. One person received a message from an ex-boyfriend who passed away. Just imagine how much that hurt. Another person received a message from an ex-boyfriend”, which led to them talking for a while.

If we hear more about this, we will update you. As time goes by, more carriers should be making statements.

Source: The Verge

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