The 2nd Generation “Portal” Device by Facebook Is Here

The 2nd Generation “Portal” Device by Facebook Is Here

In November of 2018 Facebook released it’s first streaming device. This fall Facebook has added a second generation to the Portal. You can choose between two different displays starting at $129 for a limited time.

The second generation has a smart camera, which tracks your movements during a call while minimizing background noises. Another interesting feature is the ability to share content with friends and family. The device also has streaming capabilities, thanks to partners with music and television companies.

For people who are worried about safety and privacy, you can turn the camera and microphone off. The AI technology runs locally, which means third-party companies and Facebook cannot listen to your voice recordings.

The device also works with Alexa, however it has it’s own wake-up phrase. Once the user says, “Hey Portal” they can play music, make lists, and more. It also connects to Facebook Messenger so you can make calls to anyone on your friends list who don’t own the device.

All in all, the Portal from Facebook looks like a great tool to keep you connected.

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