The Echo Flex Is The Mini Smart Speaker We Needed

The Echo Flex Is The Mini Smart Speaker We Needed

Amazon is always making new products – It’s the newest addition, the Echo Flex is something special. It’s a plug-in smart speaker, which you can put anywhere.

This device is perfect. You plug it directly into the wall outlet, and it hangs there. This is nice because it can help save on shelf space.

What’s even greater is the price tag – it’s only $19.99. However, it does have two other options – you can purchase one with a smart motion sensor for $31.98, or a smart night-light for the same price.

The Echo Flex has all the same features as a standard echo-device would. You can get weather updates, control smart-home products, and even drop in on other devices in your home.

Considering the price, this is a great stocking-stuffer for the holidays. Even if you already have an Echo device, you can place these all over your house.

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