The Echo Show 5 Can Be Purchased Right Now For Only $60

Echo Show 5

If you don’t have a Digital Assistant, now might be the time to buy one. Amazon is currently discounting all sorts of Echo Products, including the Echo Show 5. Right now, the device can be purchased for $60. The retail price is $90, which makes this a 33% off deal.

So what’s so special about the Echo Show 5? First off, it can do everything the Echo Dot can. Alexa is built in, which means you can set alarms, ask for information, and so much more.

The screen on this device is what makes it perfect. You won’t realize how great it is until you try it. The screen can display things such as weather, music videos, and even step-by-step recipe videos.

Alongside this, it makes it great for voice calls. You can call anyone who has another Echo Show, or the Alexa app. It also works directly with Skype. In addition, you can make announcements to other devices in your home.

Upon purchase, you have two different color options – Charcoal and Sandstone. Both models cost the same – $60. You can also order a smart-plug with the device, which will only raise the price to $69.99. Even if you already own an Echo Dot, this device can be a great addition to your home.

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