The Latest Firefox Update Let’s You See Who’s Tracking You

The Latest Firefox Update Let’s You See Who’s Tracking You

Nowaydays, privacy is a huge concerns. In addition to personal information constantly being hacked by third parties, multiple companies are tracking your actions on the internet. However, it looks like Firefox is on your side.

The new feature is called a Privacy Report, which works in the background to give you an idea how often websites are gathering your information. The Privacy Report also gives detailed information on cookies, trackers, and even fingerprinters.

Below, we have outlined how to access this. Of course, you will have to use Firefox.

  • First off, click on the Shield icon near your address bar.
  • Once there, look for the “Blocked” section. Here, you can see which trackers and cookies have been blocked.
  • You  can also change how Firefox protects you here – At the bottom, click “Protection Settings” to manage this.
  • Finally, you can click “Show Report” at the bottom to view a day-to-day report on activity.

If you don’t use Firefox, now might be the time to switch. We looked through Google Chrome, and couldn’t find many features like this.

Even though most of these websites won’t collect your information for personal use, it’s nice to have an idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Most of the time, information is being collected to tailor advertisement experiences and improve functionality on websites.

Source: CNET


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