The Latest NMS Experimental Update Brings New Life To The Game

The Latest NMS Experimental Update Brings New Life To The Game

In a stunning turn of events, Sean Murray and his team have dropped an experimental update that adds new life to the game. Aside from having loads of fixes and improvements, the update brings tons of new content for players to explore with.

I’m a huge fan of No Man’s Sky, which brought me over to BruceCooper – a Twitch streamer who has just as much of love for the game as I do. During my time exploring the game and watching, more than ten different exciting features were discovered.

The first feature seems to be the introduction of “living ships”, which makes people speculate the new update will be titled “Living Ships”. There seem to be a wide variety of these ships. Below, you can see a photo of one of them. However, we have also stumbled across one that looks like a Jellyfish.

Alongside these new ships, there is plenty of other improvements. Hello Games has also improved features such as terrain generation and performance. In my few hours of playing today, the game seems to be running much faster.

In addition, there seems to be an emphasis on “Space”. Other neat things that were found throughout the day include strange space creatures, derelict freighters, and more.

Right now, this is only an experimental update. We don’t know whats next, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully this upcoming update will bring new life to the game.

Image(s) Credit: BruceCooper (Twitch)


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