The Next Xbox Is Actually Just Called ‘Xbox’

The Next Xbox Is Actually Just Called ‘Xbox’

Back at The Game Awards, Microsoft did something crazy: They announced the next Xbox console. During the event, it was referenced as the ‘Series X’.

However, that’s not actually the name for the console. It will actually be called ‘Xbox’. While this might seem confusing, it can make complete sense.

Microsoft is actually rebranding the way future consoles will be named. Future consoles will only see the “Series” changing between each release.

Simply put, Microsoft is going to keep the “Xbox” name for future consoles. In a statement to Business Insider, a Microsoft representative told them the following:

This game is guided by Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s break this down, to make it easier to understand: Yes, Microsoft is going to release a Series X. Since “Series X” is just the model of the Xbox, this means another future model could be called “Series Y”.

Source: Business Insider


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