The Playstation 5 Voice Assistant Could Help You Play Games

Playstation 5

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been getting leaks about the upcoming Playstation 5. While Sony hasn’t commented on any of these yet, some of these features are actually very possible. According to a post over at BGR, One of these features could possibly be a Playstation 5 Voice Assistant.

Apparently, Sony has filed a patent for a Voice Help System Using Artificial Intelligence, which most likely translates to “digital assistant”.

While we don’t know much yet, it looks like the Playstation 5 Voice Assistant could even be used in games – It could provide information about objectives, as well as locations of items. The assistant connects directly to Sony servers to get the information, which is then returned to the player.

Aside from this, the Assistant will probably do other functions – such as tell you the time, launch your games, and possibly find movies.

This level of detail seems strange – Part of enjoying a game is about not knowing what to do next. When we hear more about Playstation 5, we will update you.

Image Source: LetsGoDigital
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