The PS4 Is The Second Best-Selling Game Console Ever


During the Sony CES press conference, Sony made a few announcements. First, they announced the logo of the upcoming Playstation 5. While this is a great step in the cycle of the Playstation 5, we still don’t know exactly what the upcoming console will look like.

Alongside this announcement, Sony has also dropped some numbers on us. The company announced they have sold more than 5 million VR headsets, along with 104 million PS4 Units. This means the PS4 is the second best-selling game console, behind the Playstation 2.

If some wants to wow fans with the PS5, they are going to need to show off the console soon. While we have seen leaked images of the devkit, that means nothing. Devkits are meant for developers – the design is likely to change for the general public. Not only that, but Microsoft has already shown fans what the Xbox Series X will look like.

Source: The Verge
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