The Rise and Fall of The Sims Franchise


Let’s take a time-trip back to the year 2000 – when the original Sims was released. Back then, things with the franchise was completely different. Downloadable content and updates were almost non-existent, so companies had to ensure games released without any problems.

Flash forward to now, and The Sims franchise doesn’t have the same feeling it once did. For awhile, things were great – Even though The Sims 4 originally received lots of criticism, some of it died down once EA brought back older features. These features included pools, toddlers, and terrain tools.

However, it looks like the original hype and wonder that powered that franchise won’t be coming back. Within the last few months, if not years, fans have had lots to say about how the developers were handling the game. One of these problems seems to be when packs are released with bugs, and poor content.

The latest release, The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is powering some of this criticism. Some of this comes from videos, where fans are pointing out poor content and design. It doesn’t stop there – players are also experiencing game crashes, along with other performance problems.

You can say that “these problems are only in one pack”, but that’s not true. These same problems have been going on ever since the Sims 4 was released. When all of these packs are costing a minimum of $20.00, it can be very hard for some people to stay fans. The average player has at least five packs, which takes a big chunk out of your wallet.

If the developers don’t get things straightened out, they need to rethink their prices. Paying between $20-$40 for broken content is not fun.

Not only that, but problems like this will eventually fall over into The Sims 5. To be even more dramatic, there might not even be a Sims 5 at this rate. Games who don’t perform well, or generate enough revenue, are eventually killed off.

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