The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Might Cost You $199

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Might Cost You $199

When it comes to products on the internet, we have learned to expect leaked information. According to recent leaks, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro could cost you $199. Like previous leaks we have reported on, don’t believe anything you see until Samsung makes an official announcement.

To be honest the price does seem a bit realistic. Considering the quality of the earbuds, we could believe a $199 price point.

It seems like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will include features such as a 2-way speaker, IPX7 water resistance, and 3 microphones. It will also have 8 hour battery life on the buds, and a 28hour battery life in the case itself. We also know of something called “Conversation Mode”, but we are unsure of what it does.

You can expect the buds to launch sometime in 2021.

Image Source: Twitter (WalkingCat)


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