The Samsung Neon Is Not a Robot. It’s An Artificial Human Friend.


It’s now 2020, which means we have a whole new decade for artificial intelligence to make its stand. However, it looks like Samsungs new product can actually stand on its own feet. They recently launched a new product, which is basically an Artificial Human.

Unveiled at CES this week, the product is being called Samsung Neon. The artificial human uses the company’s Core R3 technology, which allows it to respond to humans. According to the CEO, Pranav Mistry, Neon can “automatically create new expressions, movements, and new dialog”.

While this seems like an artificial intelligence product, this is so much more than that. Samsung is calling it a “fully working human, which someday could be indistinguishable from us in the future”. When talking to it, you wouldn’t know you are talking to an artificial human.

This is incredibly cool and revolutionary. Just imagine all the possibilities – These “robots” could be used as friends, or in the workplace.  Right now, we don’t know much more. I have many questions – How much will these cost? Will the average person be able to afford it? When will it be released?

When we hear more about the upcoming robot invasion, we will update you. In the meantime, you better start preparing. You can also follow their Twitter for updates.

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