The SolarWinds Hackers Viewed Some Microsoft Source Code

The SolarWinds Hackers Viewed Some Microsoft Source Code

If you don’t know about the recent SolarWinds hack, we would be surprised. It’s one of the biggest in history – hackers gained access to so much data it’s astonishing. They’ve breached companies such as government agencies, private businesses, and more.

What’s more is they’ve even breached into Microsoft. Microsoft has come forward, saying the hackers have viewed source code through an Employee account.

While the hackers were able to emails and products, they didn’t modify the source code. In a blog post, Microsoft assured customers the hackers didn’t breach customer data.

This hack seems to originate from October 2019, when they breached SolarWinds. Believe it or not, the firm didn’t secure it’s servers – back in 2017, the password they used was “solarwinds123”. Maybe companies should start using better passwords?


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