The YouTube Homepage Has Been Redesigned On Desktops and Tablets

YouTube homepage

Today, we learned that YouTube Homepage has been redesigned. The design is not a major overhaul, but it includes small changes to put videos front and center.

According to a post over at SlashGear, the redesigned YouTube homepage is on both desktops and tablets. The changes include “richer” thumbnails, as well as longer video titles.  Channel icons will also be easier to see, and some content shelves were removed.

Alongside these changes, YouTube will now show the avatar next to video titles. What’s more is that YouTube will allow desktop users to add videos to their queue, upon hovering over the thumbnail. Previously, only mobile users could use an option called “Don’t Recommend this channel” – which would stop certain channels from showing in your recommendations. This is now available on desktop.

Also, Google has hinted at more changes coming in the future. Users will soon be able to “favorite” topics, which will allow videos related to that topic to show in your recommendations.

While you might not notice all of these changes from the start, some of them are actually nice. For example, I can see myself favoriting topics to keep updated on any upcoming news. I’m not sure how many people use the “queue”, but having the ability to add videos from the homepage is nice.

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