TikTok Moderators Were Once Told To Supress ‘Ugly’ Users


Shame on you, TikTok.

We already have enough hate in the world. Apparently, it looks like TikTok is not a big fan of certain people. In the past, Moderators were given instructions to prevent users who are “ugly” from being promoted to the general public.

However, it looks like these policies are no longer used. In a statement to The Intercept, a spokesperson said “the policies were an early blunt attempt at preventing bullying”.

With this policy, TikTok moderators were told t suppress uploads from users with physical and low-quality traits. This included everything from “ugly facial looks”, “beer belly”, “too many wrinkles”, “eye disorders”. Alongside this, they were also told to remove videos which included shooting environments such as “slums, rural fields, and dilapidated houses”.

This disgusts me. TikTok doesn’t deserve any followers as far as I’m concerned.




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