‘Watch Parties’ Will Let Streamers Watch Movies With Their Viewers

‘Watch Parties’ Will Let Streamers Watch Movies With Their Viewers

For the longest time, streaming any sort of movie or show was not allowed on Twitch. If you wanted to watch movies with your viewers, you would have to use a third-party such as Rabbit. However, that closed down back in July. However, it looks like Twitch is adding a new feature called “Watch Parties”.

Basically, it works with amazon. This means both the streamer and everyone watching must have an active Amazon Prime subscription. Right now, the feature is only rolling out to some streamers, who must also signup on a separate page for access.

Considering this, it might be a while before the feature goes public. Either way, it will be a great way for people to get involved. On the Twitch side, it will keep customers on their platform.

The only drawback to Watch Parties will be the “Amazon Prime” integration. There are certainly tons of movies on it, but chances are the movie you are looking for might be missing.

People have been attempting to stream movies and shows for a while, but it was never allowed. This would lead to accounts receiving copyright strikes, in addition to possible bans. Considering how many people have access to Amazon Prime, Watch Parties will certainly cut back on people who stream pirated content.

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