You Can Now Get YouTube TV on Amazon Fire TV Devices

Youtube TV

Amazon has announced that it will be bringing Google’s YouTube TV to all of its Fire TV devices. This may come as surprising news for some since Google and Amazon were previously not the best of friends.

It appears the two companies came to an understanding back in July. Amazon allowed support for YouTube once again, and Google let Amazon Prime Videos to be streamed through Chromecast devices.

YouTube TV gives you over 70 live channels, including local channels, cable networks, and on-demand programs for $50 a month.

The devices which will support it include:

  • 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • 2nd Generation Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV Edition smart TVs
  • 1st Generation Fire TV Cube
  • 1st Generation Fire TV
  • 3rd Generation Fire TV


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