Your DMV Might Be Selling Your Personal Information For Profit


It seems like you can’t trust anyone anymore. According to an article over at Vice, the DMV might be selling your information for profit.

This was confirmed in California – Apparently, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is making about $50,000,000 a year selling personal information. This information includes names, addresses, and even car registration details.

A Document obtained by Motherboard also shows profit for a couple of years. For example, the California DM made about $52 million in 2017.


The information is being sold to companies such as private investigations, and consumer credit reporting agencies. Here’s the thing – If the California DMV is doing this, yours might also. Motherboard also discovered other DMVs around the United States doing this, however, they no longer give your data to commercial companies.

When the DMV was asked if selling the data was important, they said that “the sale of personal information furthers objectives related to highway and public safety, including: availability of insurance, traffic studies, risk assessment, vehicle safety recalls, and background checks”

Anyway, this practice might not be around for too much longer – Senators and digital privacy experts are not a fan of this. Alongside this, Presidental Candidate Bernie Sanders also belives the DMV should not profit from your personal information.

Source: Vice
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