YouTube Launches Super Stickers for Live Streams

YouTube homepage

Super Stickers are YouTube’s newest edition to live streams, made up of various cartoon characters. Of the eight packs launched, five of them will be animated. The stickers will cost between 99 cents and $50. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of them.

Super Stickers will be available to content creators who are 18 years and older and have over 1,000 subscribers. They are akin to Twitch’s bits as a way to get streamers to notice their viewers’ support. They are an addition to YouTube’s Super Chat.

If you have never been watched a live stream on YouTube, the Super Chat is YouTube’s way of donating to a streamer. The way Super Chat works is that the viewer chooses an amount to donate and their message to the creator will be highlighted. It’s a great way to give extra support to your favorite content creator and have them notice you if the chat is too fast or busy.

YouTube launched the stickers yesterday and has plans to add more later on.

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